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Pvt. Ryan HOH
08-04-2003, 12:50
I read this in a magazine, the technique was used for model railroading. I figured it could have potential for a building.

The idea is to make a flickering light for cheap. This coudl work for camp fires, stoves, and gas lamps in a 1/6th dio.

The plan is to get a small cheap Am/Fm radio. Set teh radio to a station thats pretty popular. Take it apart and find the 2 wires connecting to the microphone, disconnect them. Take the selected light for your project and attach it to the radio. the interperted radio waves should come out as varying levels of light for your bulb, giving it a flickering affect.

I havent tried this yet but it seems like a good idea. Remember, your dio needs enough space to hide/acess the radio though to change batteries.