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Kopral Jono
07-19-2003, 08:56
Can someone post the photo of how the liner under the helmet should looks like? I have no idea after hours observing, how the chin strap goes :wail :wail PLEASE......

furious genius
07-19-2003, 13:08
Jono, see if this site helps, if not I have a original and will post shots for you:

07-19-2003, 15:09
Jono, here's my take on it, along with some illustrations:

The helmet is, as stated by others, fragile at the contact points of the webbing. IMO, at the price HT charged, they would've been better served, to leave the webbing ends longer (bbi's Pacific Marine featured this). The webbing then could've been strung, and trimmed. They should also make the web slides of metal, or more durable nylon.
Due to the complexity and scale, it's a process which above all, requires patience.

You may have better results by putting your RM in T-shirt order. Small needle-nose pliers, tweezers, and forceps are the best way to handle the quick-disconnect and webbing. Fight the temptation to lock your man in a machinist's vise.

The webbing configuration bears some resemblance to the French Foreign Legion helmet bbi supplied with Leon. It consists of three "hardpoints", i.e., slides, one at the helmet rear center, and one on each side. My concept of the webbing is that it consists of one strap connected at the two side points. This is wed with a second strap, under the chin, where they are solidly sewn or glued. This second strap is fed through the rear slide, and it's ends terminate with the two components of a functional quick-disconnect.

By disengaging the quick-disconnect, and the right side strap, you have room to put the helmet on the squaddie's head. This is the only easy part.

You can then see which approach you enjoy more:
1)Engage the quick-d, then thread the strap back through the slide.
2)Reverse the above order.

The center bar of the slides are very fragile. Finesse is needed in copious amounts, force will result only in an event which will see your bootneck get airborne-qualified.

If the above comes to a happy ending, then the webbing can be adjusted carefully. The helmet, you will now have figured out, is not casually donned, nor casually removed. In that, it does not reflect the characteristics of the 1/1 version.

As previously stated by others, retrofitting may be necessary. This is admittedly irksome, given the cost of the figure. A balanced perspective suggests that much of what we paid for was in the quality and nature of the uniform and gear, in total. A more biased (jaded) view would be that HT/bbi would be well-advised to work a bit harder on some small details. Especially as the Brit helmet is a rare, and long-demanded item.
I for one, intend to inform them of this, albeit in a civil manner.

Hope this helps, a bit of repayment for the friendly helpfulness I've received from you mates from Down Under.


07-19-2003, 15:10
Here's a picture of the Mk.6 helmet without cover. Hope this helps

One Bravo Four
07-19-2003, 15:15
I just have my Marines wearing their Berets with the helmets slung.

07-19-2003, 15:28
Ya know Rob, your pic seems to indict them, on charges of "recklessly ignoring reality", unless there's more than one config-type.
That one looks a bit easier to don/ doff.

07-19-2003, 15:39

That's the only way I know how................

And one of my own HT helmets has already got a busted rear buckle - too damned fragile - the new DML one looks fantastic!

07-19-2003, 16:04
Yeah Rob, DML's might need to have the suspension worked, seems to "ride high". I hate having to mod stuff that someone spent some time on, but "pooched" a bit.

I've done some repairs on the bbi/HT helmet, meself. Still, just happy to have something to work with.


07-19-2003, 16:34
Yep, very happy with my HT kit - something to keep me going until DML/Armoury release theirs..........

Happy Smiley Face
07-20-2003, 02:23
I broke the rear and left side clips fo the helmet even with gentle adjustments. I guess mine is just the ++++s.

But no matter, it really is too good of a helmet to pass up. I'm gonna try to modify the straps and clips. I'm also gonna modify the sides of the helmet so my RM can wear the helmet with his headset on, something the helmet will not allow right now.

One Bravo Four
07-20-2003, 09:56
Happy, you've gotten one now?

Happy Smiley Face
07-20-2003, 23:37
Yea, Pukingdog offered me one also, and I figured that I'd take whoever got theirs first. If you are still willing to let go another set however, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands also.

Kopral Jono
07-21-2003, 20:00
Thank you for all the helps, I appreciates all informations given. Actually one reason I buy HT British figure because of the helmet that I want to own for long time. THANKS

07-22-2003, 20:55
Glad we could be of help. Best part about this forum.