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07-10-2009, 17:47
i've tried looking around on the internet, but i can't find the dimensions for a head in 1/6. can anyone tell me the measurements? i tried to follow Tony Barton's tutorial, but i thought my one looked a little too big. this is the first time i've tried sculpting at sixth scale with the intent of putting it on a body.

thanks in advance

07-16-2009, 21:48
I find I have the same problems with the head ending up too large. What I do to help me keep proportions is to take another figure head from the parts box and make some "calipers" out of index cards, based on the dimensions of the spare head.

Basically I've cut out areas on the card that correspond to certain dimensions of my reference headsculpt, like chin-to-top of head distance, head width, bottom of nose-to-chin distance, etc. During sculpting I can lay the cards against my work to check that I'm not going too far outside or inside that standard measurement.

07-30-2009, 08:50
First you need to figure out what kind of body you will be using. If it is a Hasbro CC or such, the head can be a bit small since the originals are also on the small side. If it is a Sideshow, the head is a big ole monster melon. Those are the two extremes I have found that were on proportional bodies. The Hasbro Star Wars stuff and Barbie My Scene stuff doesn't count.

If you want to experiment, I would suggest first doing it in Styrofoam or balled up aluminum foil first just to get the size and general shape. That is what I did when I was trying to get the shapes right for a head for 3D modeling for a computer flight simulator. (I still got it wrong and ended up rescaling things.)

- Ivan.

Tony Barton
08-05-2009, 06:21
Since I make rather a lot of heads , I investigated this topic some years back.

First , most vinyl heads have weird proportions , because of the insistence on the plug in circular neck . The transition from head to neck is always wrong , and this often throws the whole thing out.
The face proportions are often good , but the back of the head is often too small.

I work with the following rough estimates , based on measuring the heads of quite a lot of men of my acquaintance .
Imagine a ruler held vertically in front of the nose : the measurement from the chin to a line grazing the top of the head should be between 34mm ( small chap , round face ) and 40mm
( tall chap , long face) . Most people measure out at around 36-37mm in 1/6th scale.

If you get that right , the rest follows.

And I often make them too big as well , and have to constantly check with some calipers set to the chosen measurement.
Modelling is an additive process , and the tendency is always to enlarge on the initial mass you set up to work on.

08-05-2009, 21:44
These might be useful:



10-05-2009, 06:41
Following Tony Barton's excellent tutorial (:clap), what I do is putting an original head besides the one I'm modeling, so I can constantly check the proportions in the initial stages


until the basic lines are laid out.


Hope it helps