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Jimmy C
06-29-2009, 19:48
What is a "wash" when referring to head painting ?

Can it be done with both/either oils and acrylics ?


06-29-2009, 20:23
A wash is a little bit of paint that is diluted with thinner, or water. It's the original color, but it's much thinner, allowing you to put on several coats until you get the desired effect. Acrylics are perfect to do a wash because you can use water. I've never used oils so not sure about them.

06-29-2009, 20:28
I've asked a similar question so do a search and you should get some good results.

I still need to perfect my technique (because it sucks!) - I would definitely recommend getting some cheapo heads to practice on BEFORE having a go on one of your favourite HS.