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Jimmy C
06-15-2009, 13:36
Just bought some paints and stuff.

Among them what was presented to be a weathering agent:

Floquil Railroad Colors--"Dust"

It seems very watery and my only seems to have dullcoated my test pieces (Dragon helmet & Formative jeep)

Is anyone familiar with this product and could tell me if this is its normal traits or if I'm not using correct or if it seems defective ?


06-15-2009, 14:21
I bought these in the pen form back when I used to actually bother weathering and I really liked them. However, I found that they were very difficult if not used solely on uniforms for a mud/dirt/grime effect. I tried them on plastic surfaces but was unimpressed with how they came out. I truly think that you should just ignore what they are labelled as and just use them as colors in the way that you see fit. I did find the chiseled tips nice for detail application, but not over technical in their appearance.