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  1. WWII Ushanka Color?
  2. Sound chips .
  3. .
  4. Can't find Custom Head on ACI Andrew Body
  5. How do you make clothing faded?
  6. ID Card clip?
  7. Is there any way to dye a phicen body?
  8. 1/6 Press snaps/snap fasteners?
  9. new to this
  10. First Custom: Zombie
  11. Found this online
  12. where to buy velcro or what to use as a sub
  13. Harley Davidson Testors Ultra Classic..need help please
  14. head (w/ neck) to body w/neck conversion
  15. scale badge application
  16. removing the neck on a Dragon Neo 3 body?
  17. Realistic skin texture, grain, veins
  18. need polo shirt for lapd bike officer uni!
  19. first time build.few questions
  20. 3d printing
  21. Need advice on best glues for certain projects
  22. folds in clothing
  23. Walter White help
  24. Looking for a Female US Army Drill Sergeant Bush Hat
  25. Custom Macassar-chaise Lounge
  26. Trying to find specific head/cast of this head. Ideas where, or a similar style?
  27. D.I.Y. Paint Mixer/Shaker
  28. How to Put on a SS Helmet Cover
  29. removing limbs/hands from bodies.
  30. Need help making custom Cobra insignia
  31. Still Looking for an US Army Female Drill Sergeant Hat
  32. Hot Toys DX04 feet won't go back on
  33. Looking for buckles for Gi Joe custom Flint
  34. Stencils for German Tanks
  35. Dyeing Hair
  36. Flexible casting materials (UK only)
  37. Remove dye from phicen body
  38. CC Joe: Neck Repair...
  39. 1/6 girl female catsuit template?
  40. Cleaning stain on body?
  41. Need help: Fixing broken/stuck elbow joint (Enterbay)
  42. In search of headsculpt to match images
  43. Custom 1/6 clothing maker required
  44. Parachute
  45. Spray painting BDU's ... has any one ever tried doing this?
  46. Using that old wallet
  47. great poster sized images of ww2 German uniforms
  48. 3D printing
  49. Custom Head Sculpt
  50. Printing 1/6 Backdrops on Cardstock?
  51. Looking for 5.56 spent brass shells 1/6 scale
  52. I like Big Heads and I cannot lie...
  53. Merging Aztek Sprayer with Pneumatic Motor
  54. Repaint Another Catwoman
  55. Putting on gloves
  56. Looking to mount TC head on SS body
  57. 3D printing experience or figure/joints tips? - building Neytiri
  58. resin and paints
  59. How to make/where to buy rotating joints
  60. Soldier story neptune boots
  61. How to put things on the vest in a proper way ?
  62. Painting figures
  63. Super Newbie Question: How do you attach a male head to a body?
  64. Need Custom Sabertooth
  65. Triad Omega head swap?
  66. Airbrush system question
  67. White business shirts?
  68. Tutorial realistic skin tone
  69. In search for a blank body
  70. Captain action Kit bash
  71. [Help] Erasing stains on head sculpt
  72. Toys City parts?
  73. Best guide for complete sculpting
  74. Cobblestone? how to make IT?
  75. SS PJ Zipper problems please help!
  76. Looking for these snaps....
  77. What if DAK would have the new beetle?
  78. Cheap & Cheerful Shin Armour/Armor
  79. What boot/feet will fit a Phicen figure
  80. Any ideas how to do grated floor?
  81. Turtleneck sweater/dickie D.I.Y. CHEAP!!!
  82. Silicone Paint
  83. Action Head Sculpts
  84. How to keep knots from coming undone?
  85. Finishing touches
  86. SS Oakley LSA Boots
  87. Making 1/6 Scale Police Safety Tape?
  88. The Complete Guide to 1:6 Modeling (Video series)
  89. Hat Cords D.I.Y
  90. Correcting Dragon's 1:6 Apollo Astronaut figure
  91. Extra stuff that came with TC PJ
  92. Hot Toys batman OC MMS67 rubber suit Advice for gluing
  93. Where can I find 1/6 scale chains (like in T2 and Alien movies)?
  94. Noob mistake: Dam body, toys city gloved hands
  95. Custom zombie food.... Severed arm.....
  96. riddick eyes
  97. In need of a batman suit, willing to pay
  98. Sewing Machines, Fabrics and Tiny Supplies
  99. Hot Toys Comedian melting suit help?
  100. Hot Toys Shoes on Dragon Bodies
  101. Calling all 1/6 clothing makers
  102. M1911 Cavalry Holster
  103. How do you crack open these bodies?
  104. Kitbash Advice Needed - Project SF Cammy
  105. Need help finding a similar camo pattern.
  106. Desperately needed: modern uniform for a dc direct 13 figure
  107. Rainbow Looms rubberbands...
  108. Dam Toys and TTM body
  109. Did anyone make a 1/6 satchel charge?
  110. Help with goggles
  111. Medicom Darth Maul head on Obitsu body - how?! [solved]
  112. Civil War Wagons
  113. Civil War Wagons
  114. Using LEDs in Kitbashes
  115. Mod question, BBI hand on HT body?
  116. Leather Stiffening
  117. DIY British Army 37 Pattern Web Anklets
  118. Tweezer styles
  119. blunderbusses and other monsters
  120. Care and protection of steel armor?
  121. Care and protection of steel armor?
  122. Has anyone ever tried to make a figure taller?
  123. How to: Kumik Wig Hair Scalp thingy - No re-rooting or dyeing needed!!
  124. Hot Toys Bio Helmet LEDs
  125. Help! How to replace a missing neck ring?
  126. Washing clothes of Did figures?
  127. Shipping a diorama
  128. Alternative Head Sculpt for Nick Fury
  129. needing help on sourcing parts
  130. Hot-Toys WW2 Clothes Compatibility?
  131. Kumik Female Body Questions
  132. Painting on Apoxie Sculpt? Painting flat on plastics without airbrush?
  133. Classic GI Joe head into a modern body
  134. Paint to match Lando (Brown) Sideshow body
  135. Cleaning Phicen seamless figures question
  136. Which Dremel and extensions(s) Should I buy to sculpt heads and hands?
  137. Iron Man Hands
  138. Anyone doing 1:6 vehicle commissions?
  139. Model Company Parts Question
  140. Customising 12" Star Trek figures
  141. 21st Century Humvee
  142. Help Needed in Stripping Ignite Hoplite Armor
  143. Big head big head big head
  144. New Figure Arms incredibly loose
  145. Waterslide decals and bodies
  146. DEFENDERS: AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil
  147. Taking creases out of 1/6 clothes?
  148. 1/6 Vehicles -- CHEAP!
  149. New Projects for 2015!
  150. Advice needed for superglue type glue but for materials instead of plastic
  151. Advice needed for vallejo and flames of war paint codes to do British DPM Camo
  152. How to get Tunics to fit naturally?
  153. R/R Custom Heads for HT and Dragon Bodies???
  154. TUTORIAL : how make a onesixth belt ?? by Le Zouave
  155. Custom Hydra Arm band
  156. How to copy buttons?
  157. Paint Advice
  158. Head sculpt staying in place
  159. Weathering tip, works great!
  160. Removing a Phicen's face paint
  161. Make your own DIY Beats by Dr.e headphone
  162. Help Creating a Surcoat for a Templar
  163. Snapped at waist
  164. video tutorial : how make a US first aid box ??? by le zouave....
  165. how to make 1/6 boots with buckle with simple shoes !! by le zouave..
  166. Can she be repaired? (Broken arm)
  167. Body Mods?
  168. Removing The Neck Joint Socket From Inside A Head Sculpt
  169. How do I get this head on that body?
  170. AirBrush or Free Hand Painting, Head Sculpt
  171. How to Lengthen the Marx Horse?
  172. Head sculpt question
  173. Magnets...
  174. modifying hands tutorial please.
  175. Options for Chain Mail
  176. Fudged up my Chris Redfield (stars ver) - any advice?
  177. Will long coat from HT Crow fit ACI Bruce body or any HT muscular body?
  178. Hot Toys Superman Returns.....advice please?
  179. glue advice
  180. Body scars for Bog Boss
  181. Looking for Help with 1/6 head
  182. Using model rr scenery
  183. VC head and Triad bodies
  184. Kumik head
  185. Hair Transplant
  186. Weathering: How to simulate sweat on clothing?
  187. Drilling hole in neck of head sculpt.
  188. Need help locating a few parts for a custom
  189. DML quality and compatibility with DiD/TC bodies
  190. Complete 1/6th newbie...point in right direction?
  191. Body ideas for a mecha build?
  192. Can any one recommend fabric suitable for load bearing gear?
  193. Please recommend a good vinyl protectant
  194. Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker 2 - Stains
  195. Wetsuit: anyone made or customized an existing one?
  196. Can Anyone recommend a good putty to use on soft plastic?
  197. Painting Watches
  198. How to lower sculpted hairs on a headsculpt
  199. Need Skin Tone Help Desperately
  200. Any good female head sculpt ideas?
  201. Lightening "Leather"
  202. Help! Is this head on right? (Double Play Body)
  203. Re-hairing and Re-rooting Questions
  204. Having trouble with bloody sweat
  205. Eye stickers instead of painting?
  206. Removing Hot Toys necks - safely
  207. Easier figure dressing
  208. COOMODEL feet help
  209. Painting the rubber 'muscle arms'
  210. Removing Dragon Feet
  211. Anyone dip a seamless figure in latex?
  212. any tips for dyeing 1:6/doll clothing?
  213. Phicen Customization questions
  214. Another reason to love phicen
  215. New to world of kitbashing
  216. Phicen Bloodrayne Figure Broke Need Replacement Body. :(
  217. Repainting this head
  218. Adding badges to beret
  219. This hair...on this head.... Possible?
  220. Hot Toys Captain Phasma fix
  221. Head sits too high
  222. Cleaning Phicens with facial scrub cleaners
  223. Is Spaz Stix safe to use on Hot Toys?
  224. Boots with pegs vs boots with holes
  225. Body types - bad Chinese translations
  226. Changing body tone - ink/makeup?
  227. Keeping a head together
  228. Phicen green eyes?
  229. taping clothes to limbs, what tape?
  230. Easy goggles!
  231. DIY Hospital bed
  232. Need articulation help
  233. Tattoo for phicen.
  234. Painting & sculpting on a Phicen?
  235. Putting Custom Heads on
  236. Phicen Body Skintone head match help
  237. martial arts hands
  238. SW X-wing - Non-1:6 but great work and good to give us ideas!
  239. UDT seal custom build
  240. Crafting plate armors
  241. 1/6 WW1 Italian soldier???
  242. Dissassembling Old Sideshow Bodies
  243. compatibility between ThreeA and Hot Toys parts
  244. Elf ears - tutorial requestes, expanded
  245. Shoe painting
  246. Dulling down oil paints
  247. Need tips on dust proofing a glass cabinet
  248. PewPewGun Combat Robot
  249. Help Wanted: Breaking Bad Diorama
  250. Coats and belts