In order to exit chat and not live your ghost, dirty laundry, better half, zombie or what ever you may prefer to call it behind in the room and be able to come back into chat you must follow the directions. If you fail to follow the directions you will be blocked from chat till a staff member comes in to clean out the room.
That may take a while as being janitors is not in our job description.

See the big black X in the top right corner? When leaving the room don't do it by closing the window, which is under that big Black X.
At the risk of repeating myself....don't click on that X!!

Okay now that that is understood....
See the big Red circle with aroud the X on the right side above the list of members in the room? Click on that X in order to close the chat.

How do you know if you closed chat properly?

If you followed directions the window will return to the OSW forums page.

If you didn't follow directions you will have exited out of the window completely only leaving a vestige of yourself in chat and blocking yourself from re-entering there.

By the way...
At time of this screenshot those were all ghosts in the room
except for myself, CharlesBronson and 713_deltatrooper.

Thank you for your time and hope to actually see you in chat soon.