How do i add pictures

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Thread: How do i add pictures

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    Question How do i add pictures

    Other from attached ones how do i add pictures where the text would be.


    check this out


    more writing

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    The first step is getting your picture on the internet. Check with your ISP to see if they give you any space. Otherwise, you can get yourself a web host, try to find a free host, etc. The end goal is to get a URL that points to the picture in question. Once you have that, it's just a matter of posting it on the board. If you know any html, the code for posting images on a forum is pretty similar, if not, don't worry- it's not difficult. The basic format is
    [CODE][ IMG ][ /IMG ] [/CODE]
    where the stuff between the [IMG] tags is the URL of your image (make sure your image is sized appropriately for the web- if it's one you shot yourself, chances are you'll have to crop/resize it)
    (in the above example, I had to insert spaces inside the IMG tags so that the board wouldn't try to find that example image - you'll want to remove them)

    If everything goes right, you can post all of the images you want...

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    Here's a tutorial for you...

    While many OSW members use on line photo galleries, you can also load them directly into your gallery here directly from your computer's picture file.

    The problem with linking the pics from other on line galleries is that sometimes they show up as the dreaded red "X"s in your thread. They also can close down at any time with out any prior notice to you and you lose your files.
    See this thread for a good example....

    As for my self I load all my pics to the my OSW gallery and it works fine for me. Besides I really don't like clicking on links to see the photos one at a time, but that's me.

    Just remember when loading into your OSW gallery to size your pics down to 600 or so pixels and don't try to load more than 3-4 at a time.

    Have fun and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts!!
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How do i add pictures