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Thread: OSW Makes my display go screwy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVELMIN
    I would just like to report that tonight 10/11/06 I have surfed and surfed checked and rechecked, replied and etc with NO problems whatsoever !!!! This is AWESOME !!!!! No 6's no color changes, no kick outs !!!! Thanks much gentlemen behind the scenes!!!! I cleaned up my system a bit and have more room on my drive right now, that's all I've done. Has the OSW team done any more with the former issues? I don't know but this is GREAT !!!

    !!!!! same here, no problems (10/11/06) !!!!!! I havnt done any clean up or scaned my PC for problems in weeks, Im certian OSW did something.
    I would like to say I wasnt upset like Rogerbee was and to be quite honest I was very disapointed by his post remarks.

    I also would like to say thx to OSW for whatever what was fixed and now I can post and surf OSW in peace, thx guys!!!

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    Hmmmmmmm.....maybe it was Rogerbee......jinx!!!!!! LOL!!!!! I don't believe anything was done by Ronin Six.
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    Hmmm that's odd. Only thing that changed was the image rotator thingie at the upper left of the page. Strange that would have done anything to help, but heck if it works we'll take credit for it!

    Thing is, the old one was there since before anyone had problems... soooo I dunno exactly.

    So glad you guys are having a much better experience here!

    Now gimme yer toys!

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OSW Makes my display go screwy!