Passing by to say 'hi'

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Thread: Passing by to say 'hi'

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    Passing by to say 'hi'

    Hello everyone.

    After going through this forum's impressive galleries, I decided to join this forum (about a week ago). Name's Hangmen, nice to meet everyone.

    I've been into this hobby since I was 14, back in 2001, with 21st Century Toys Delta Force CQB as my first 12" action figure that I bought. From there till' now, my collection expanded to 14 action figures (plus another 3 in stock) and lots of other miscellaneous accessories. I'm currently looking for a decent digital camera so I can photograph some of my collections, and perhaps open a homepage about it later. Currently, I own a blog and I do have some pics of one of my action figures there, but the image quality is poor since it was taken using a handphone camera.

    In case you're curious about where I come from, I'm from Malaysia, on the East side, staying in Sabah, my (somewhat) beautiful hometown. Malaysians over in West Malaysia have easier access to 1/6 scale goodies at a cheaper price compared to East Malaysia, where this hobby's popularity is somewhat mellow (people here cheapskates xD). Thankfully, there are shops over in the Peninsula that sells these things online.

    Anyway, thanks for taking your time to read whateverthing I wrote. Cheers.

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    Welcome aboard.....don't just pass through, sit down a while, have a few laughs.....
    "Other people's illusion of safety does not supersede my human rights." -Gabe Suarez

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    Welcome Hangman!
    "Fear no man and always do right"

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Passing by to say 'hi'