Howdy all.

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Thread: Howdy all.

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    Howdy all.

    I just found these boards after years of collecting 1/6 scale figures & then find out that it has an airsoft forum to boot which i've been playing for over 6 years. So i figured i would post up & say hey & share a pic from one of our leagues big games from last summer.

    it was based on BHD & we had Army National Guard support who supplied us with 3 HMMVWS & a Huey.

    Anyhow here's a pic of my team. we were playing Delta. Mods if these are too big please resize. Thanks.

    & here's a close up of just myself. i forgot to put my Bolle's on my Protec.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Howdy all.-sodd-team-pic-no-man-left-behind-op-jpg  

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    Yep, thanks, thats good idea.

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Howdy all.