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Thread: Who's into Airsoft?

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    Re: Who's into Airsoft?

    Is that a colt you have Cpl Hicks?
    Very nice! I've had a Marui Wilson Super Grade but it was gas.

    Seems to be a bit sketchy the laws on the airsoft, what if you had owned one before the law changed?

    Also some clubs aren't even registered but they don't get shut down by the man? Go figure?
    I only like them for target practise and most clubs only do skirmishes so it's kinda discriminate.
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    Re: Who's into Airsoft?

    Basically if you owned be for the VCR act came into place you'll be ok. To get registered you have to play 3 games in no less than 2 or 3 months at a site that has 3rd part insurance i think.

    That would be a Western Arms Kimber MARSOC, second one i've owned. I'll get some more pics of it
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Who's into Airsoft?