1:1 2002/2003 USSF Afganistan

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Thread: 1:1 2002/2003 USSF Afganistan

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    1:1 2002/2003 USSF Afganistan

    First post, Just thought i'd start off with showing my most recent build.

    OD Eagle Riggers Belt
    OD HSGI South paw Drop leg holster
    Woodland Pointblank IBA
    3x Woodland SDS snap close double m4/m16 magazine pouch
    Woodland SDS frag grenade pouch
    OD SDS Frag Grenade Pouch
    OD LC-2 M16 magazine Pouch
    Maxpedition H-1 Waist Pouch
    Black Camelbak HAWG

    toothbrush[well you never know!]
    Lock blade Pocket knife
    2x Chem lights[Red]
    2500 lbs Carbiner
    roll of black Electrical Tape
    All-weather Pen
    Midland 14 channel Radio w/ Pyrme Handset
    4 Makeshift zip Cuffs

    Tan Cobra Golf clubs Ball Cap
    OD/Black Shemagh
    Sage Nomex Flight Gloves
    TriCo DCUs
    Addidas Karakum Mid Hikers
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    Very nice kitbash! I'm sorry about your accident, but I'm glad you made it out alive. Hey hey....where are the weapons? You got to show the weapons

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    First two things id change, ditch the IBA for something more high speed and less issue, and put the holster on a seperate belt that rides above the bdu shirt (eagle duty belt with sec buckle for exampe, and a small maybe maxpedition pouch on the back with basic E&E stuff, VS17 panel, matches etcpp)
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    thanks for the advice, as for ditching the iba, i don't think it'll happen, i've seen photographs of USSF using IBAs occassionally, plus it's different from High speed stuff, i guess a poor attempt at being "grittier"

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    Yeah if you watch the Dutch documentry on US SF in the Stan there are a few of the Older SF(20th reserved unit) guys wearing just IBA the younger folks were mostly high speed gear.
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1:1 2002/2003 USSF Afganistan