Airsoft International hits the US

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Thread: Airsoft International hits the US

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    Airsoft International hits the US

    Hi guys, if your into airsoft then take a look here

    Its the first and only airsoft mag to be on sale to the public in the weston world



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    I'm not an airsofter my self, but I've flipped thru several copies of this mag & find it from a layman's POV at least to be useful in that it contains a review of a 1/6 fig in most issues - plus a critique of the accuracy of the gear & how to further enhance or swap/upgrade individual items for greater realism.

    Another useful feature I like about dis mag is the section in every issue which gives tips on dressing up as an operator of various units for re-enactment or realistic roleplaying for airsofters ie what kinda gear/guns to use where to get such stuff & how various manufacturers compare.

    Personally, one of the most interesting articles i came across in an earlier issue of this mag was a guide on putting together a convincing gear ensemble (maritime CT at least) for UK naval SF roleplayers, given the large amount of interest in the SBS on this board but relative lack of good pics of their gear loadout. My 2 cents.

    Image from back issues archive of AI mag url.
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Airsoft International hits the US