VN LRRP Impression Video

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Thread: VN LRRP Impression Video

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    VN LRRP Impression Video

    Hey Guys,
    This is the start of a short VN LRRP Impression Video we shot during a training session getting ready for a big Vietnam Airsoft reenactment event coming up.

    I'll post pictures from this training evolution for everyone as well.

    You Tube doesn't do it any justice... it is very Low-Rez and heavily pixelated and a bit color and sound distorted but you get the Idea... (Watch it in the smallest possible setting)

    Eastern Laos 1969
    Recon Patrol
    Ambush at Extraction LZ Lima
    LRRP Team 2


    Heath Hammond
    (The Regiment)
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    The rez and sound actually lend it a bit of atmosphere, IMO. Stunning effects, a bit hard to watch. Well done to all involved.
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    Dude that looks sick. Very well done!
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    Wow, nicely done. Wish there was more. Thanks for sharing!

    Post those training photos on here as well.

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    Thanks Bro's.

    The Media team from Sideshow wanted to try out some new after effects programs, and us in the Art team said we have the perfect uniforms and idea that could help out....LOL!

    I'm glad you guys liked it... Maybe more might be coming soon.

    Thanks again,


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    VN LRRP Impression Video

    AWESOME I have to agree with pukingdog the lower res gives it the grainy look, straight out of the history channel.

    HL2 Master

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    Here are some pictures of my gear load out from the Nam video we did.

    If you guys have any questions just ask...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails VN LRRP Impression Video-heath08be4-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-heath12zt8-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-heath13kb2-jpg  

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    Great Photos

    I dig the photos and I recognize the Peterson tiger suit. Here are some photos of our group and myself in a recent event in Oregon this last August.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails VN LRRP Impression Video-bongson-1-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-bongson-8-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-bongson-10-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-bongson-24-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-lrrp-2-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-lrrp-4-jpg  

    VN LRRP Impression Video-lrrp-9-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-lrrp-17-jpg   VN LRRP Impression Video-lrrp-team-jpg  

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VN LRRP Impression Video