Here is the beginning of my new site dedicated to those who are serving or have served around the world , I have been collecting for some time now and have meet some really great folks that have traded or sold to me , usually in the process we get to know each other via the internet or on the phone and almost always we end up talking about their service , I get great stories and pics , and thought the least I could do is document this in some way with the persons permission .
another reason I did this is I have been trying to look up my own family's Military history , and have not had the best of luck .

Please remember this is just the start , I have about 6 -8 other guys in the process of writing their stories for the website now , so it will be updated as they get me their info , the stories and service records are written by individuals with the exception of my Grandparents which my father will be helping out , check it out , I hope you like it .