Greetings, Ladies and Gents:

Just a heads up that I've got the stuff in the title line up for grabs on ebay. My ebay handle is nyhargodirge. The auctions end on 4/13 and I'll have more up over the next many weeks. I've glutted my place with figures, so I'm downsizing to make room. Maybe you can add some of these to your collection. They've all been well-cared for and some have never made it out of the box.

ArtFigures Heavily Armored Cop 1/6 Dredd | eBay

Enterbay JCVD RM-1043 Jean-Claude Van Damme 1/6 action figure Box Set | eBay

King Arts 1/9 Iron Man Mark XLV DFS 014 Action Figure | eBay

Pew Pew Gun Shen 1/6 YaoGuai Collectible Series | eBay

1/6 Takara Kerberos Saga Protect Gear Chuichi Koshiramaru | eBay

Thanks for looking and happy bidding.