Up for sale is an extremely rare find: Bathing Ape x Dragon, Eric Kot, Double X Workshop Black Astronaut Figure #79 of 100. These were released in April of 2003 in Hong Kong.

The box is in good condition overall with some minor damage limited to one corner and some dust/rub marks from 15 years of sitting on a shelf and/or in storage.

Dragon body and sculpt in flat black. Black Apollo era space suit with some special marks (as seen in photos), helmet with chrome and smoked visors, and MMU unit. Two black cases: 1) pamphlet with #079/100 and Eric signature, Polaroid of footprint on the moon, and a FLY ME TO THE MOON embroidered patch. 2) camera, video camera, film, and a pig nose.

Lastly in the box is a USA flag that has some minor damage from being in the package for 15 years, the bottom attachment has become unglued and this could easily be repaired.

Bathing Ape x Dragon, Eric Kot Black Astronaut Figure #079 of 100 | eBay