On eBay- 1/6 customs: Kelly's Heroes, Capt. Miller, Tears of the Sun, & more-img_9821smaller-jpg

Selling off a chunk of my collection, as my obsession is switching from plastic crack to a classic car.

Just listed on eBay:

Kelly's Heroes- 6 figure lot: Kelly, Oddball, Crapgame, Big Joe, Moriarty, and Max (the German Tank Commander)
Kelly's Heroes- Max (the German tank commander)
Capt. Miller from Saving Private Ryan
Lt. A.K. Waters from Tears of the Sun
Forrest Gump - Vietnam War version
The Professional - Leon & Stansfield (Gary Oldman)
Breaking Bad - Walter White & Jesse Pinkman
Armageddon - "Lev Andopov (the Russian guy Peter Stormare played)
The Transport - "Frank Martin" (Jason Stathem)
Ninja Assassins - Raizo
Che Guevara
Osama bin Laden

And not customs:
Hero (Jet Li) Movie lot - Nameless, Flying Snow, & Broken Sword
X-Files (Sideshow Toys versions) lot - Mulder, Scully, Cancer Man, Frank black

Aaaaaand some other stuff. Please know that I'm not an amazing customizer like so many people here. I'm more of a "ballpark" customizer.