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Thread: Tony Barton badges

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    Tony Barton badges

    After transferring the airborne badge from my Geyperman green beret to a Vintage Action Man red para beret, I realized that it would need a new badge. I also had a black VAM beret and a modern Joe beret that needed badges. The green beret became Royal Marine headgear; while the black VAM beret and modern Joe beret were assigned to the Royal Artillery and Welsh Guards, respectively.

    On the figures:

    Welsh Guards:

    Royal Marine:

    Royal Artillery:

    The badges themselves are amazing. Very high quality. They arrived from the UK in less than a week! My paint job probably let them down. I painted them all gold; apologies for the inaccuracies. I've never painted detailed objects before.

    I highly recommend Mr. Barton's badges!!


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    Re: Tony Barton badges

    Tony's badges are second to none.

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    Re: Tony Barton badges

    Quote Originally Posted by ActionMan View Post
    Tony's badges are second to none.
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    Re: Tony Barton badges

    Yes, along with all of his other creations, heads to headgear, weapons and webbing with fittings - Tony Barton's line of museum-quality items is a real treasure trove.
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    Re: Tony Barton badges

    What Mike said! I only use Tony's badges....
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Tony Barton badges
Tony Barton badges
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