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Thread: Mondo TMNT Mousers review

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    Mondo TMNT Mousers review

    They might be sixth scale, but their still tiny - it's the Mousers from Mondo! Released as part of their TMNT 1/6th series, these little buggers are cute but deadly. You can find my review here:

    Review and photos of Mondo TMNT Mousers 1/6th scale action figures

    or with the rest of the reviews at the usual:

    Captain Toy, Michael Crawford's Action Figure and Toy Reviews

    I also have a great guest review up of the Phicen M34 body:

    Guest Review and photos of Super Flexible Seamless Male Body M34 by Phicen

    and I also published the results of the Poppies this week!

    The results of the Poppies...Industry Awards for Best Collectibles of 2016

    Whew! Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


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    Re: Mondo TMNT Mousers review

    These are really cool. I'm currently leaning towards the DreamDX Turtles, because they look like they'll be more in scale with other 1/6 figures, as opposed to the Mondo set, which i believe is 12" tall, and kind of big next to other 1/6 figures. Still the Mondo Mousers are really slick and very tempting. Even with the comic book style of these, I think they'd still look really good with either Turtles line. Any pics of them next to any other 1/6 figures, just to get more of a sense of their size?

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    Re: Mondo TMNT Mousers review

    Mondo's Turtles are no where near 12", but right about 10" I had a photo of Leo with Stan Lee back when I reviewed him:

    Review and photos of Leonardo Teenate Mutant Ninja Turtles sixth scale figure

    And you can also just use the Lifesizer feature in every review to see, on screen, a life size photo to compare to something in hand.

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Mondo TMNT Mousers review
Mondo TMNT Mousers review
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