Always love this forum for good roundtable discussions. This time I plan to repaint all the dirty gold/bronze parts of my Iron Man Hot Toys bones figure to a much nicer silver metal. Anyone got any ideas on how I do it without being forced to airbrush? The masking is going to be HELL on this figure so I am wondering if I can get away with paintbrsuhing it. I just dont want to leave brish marks so am looking for advice on best paint etc to do this. I believe it will be lots of thin coats but want a nice gun metal or dark aluminium colour I think (unless you have any more suitable colours I can use). I recently repainted a bones arm for a custom winter soldier figure so I know how much of a ball ache it can be. I also repainted a Silver Centurion blue so am not adverse to a bit of airbrushing.
If I have to airbrush I will but the masking job/mess that airbrushing produces means I want that to be my last resort (cue Papa Roach for the outro).