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Thread: Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets

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    Cool Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets

    Today during some of my free time I decided to repaint an entire set of helmets belonging to one of my squads portraying Russia in the summer/fall or 1941. I decided to give nearly all of them a "Tortise Shell" Camo in acrylic paint, no primer. All helmets are standard DML (V2?) and have the tri-shield decal, which is why I needed to cover that up. To get the Tan/yellow I mixed about 3 yellows and a brown to get it, the green was straight out of the bottle, as I thought it matched some examples I'd seen over the years. It's a lighter colored grey/green that is a little darker in natural light than in these photos
    One of the M35's I decided to make a chicken wire mesh wrap for, made with 26(?) gauge canthol wire. I also attempted my first rust effect with this helmet, on the rim of the helmet and the wire itself there is a considerable amount of rust. Green and tan coated the wire first while painting the helmet, than layers of orange and brown paint got it here! I attempted to name the helmet with a small paint brush but couldn't nail the Germanic script, so it'll have to do for now.
    If anyone has tips and pointers on how to get more realistic looking helmets let me know!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5579-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5581-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5584-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5583-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5586-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5573-jpg  

    Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5575-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5574-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5576-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5577-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5578-jpg   Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets-img_5570-jpg  

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    Re: Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets

    Nicely done, and I think they look very much like something a field soldier would turn out, in less than ideal circumstance. I think they will look quite good on your landsers.
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Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets
Opinions on First "Camo'd" German Helmets
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