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Thread: Extra Maryland Regiment, 1781

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    Extra Maryland Regiment, 1781

    Yet another soldier in the American Revolution. This time it’s the Extra Maryland Regiment in 1780.

    I found a web-site that shows pictures of American Revolution figures by my favorite artist, Don Troiani. I’ve never seen many of these uniforms before and I’m excited about bringing them to 1/6. Check out the site for lots of ideas.

    The figure in Troiani’s painting is “equipment challenged” so I added various items from combination of SOTW, SST and some custom pieces.

    A short history of the Extra Maryland

    In the late spring of 1780, Maryland determined to raise another regiment, the
    Regiment Extra, so called because it was in addition to those Congress had called for. There was some confusion about where the officers for this unit would come from. The Regiment Extra drew recruits from the entire state of Maryland. Equipment and uniforms arrived from Continental Army stores in September 1780. Alexander Lawson Smith commanded the additional regiment whose most prolific correspondent may have been Major Edward Giles, the second in command. Giles's letters recorded details of uniforms (brown coats faced with red, leather breeches).

    On 1 January 1781 the regiment was re-assigned to the Maryland Brigade of the Southern Department. The regiment would see action during the Southern Campaign fighting at the Battle of Camden , Battle of Guilford Court House, Hobkirk’s Hill and Eutaw Springs. The regiment was furloughed January 1, 1783 at Charleston, South Carolina and disbanded on November 15, 1783. Initially they proved unreliable as they broke and ran at Camden (but so did most the American army), but by late in Greene’s Campaign they formed the backbone of Greene’s army and were his most reliable “shock” troops.

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    Another winner, love the display base too. Weathering is great.

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    Great figure again. I've used that resource before for Civil War bashes. I think there's a link to it at That's Troiani's own site (you probably knew that)
    Do you think George Bush had ancestors that fought in the American Revolution?
    When was the last time you did a head count on the number of figures you have?

    "Soldiers, prepare! Our cause is heaven's cause;
    Prepare, O troops that are to fall today!
    Prepare, prepare"
    William Blake (1757-1827)

    February 2013 KotM

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    Great job. Liked the weathering and the gear.

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    Bravo CZ. Nice interp of Mr. Troiani.
    Everything was just fine and dandy until the flying monkeys attacked.

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Extra Maryland Regiment, 1781
Extra Maryland Regiment, 1781
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