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Thread: 3rd New Jersey, The Jersey Blues, 1781

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    3rd New Jersey, The Jersey Blues, 1781

    Below are my pictures of a private in the 3rd New Jersey, “the Jersey Blues”. First formed in 1673 they claim to have the longest history of any American combat unit since the Jersey Blues are part of today’s National Guard. “The 3rd New Jersey Regiment was raised on January 1, 1776 at Elizabethtown, New Jersey for service with the Continental Army. The regiment would see action at the Battle of Valcour Island, New York Campaign, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Battle of Monmouth, Sullivan Expedition, and the Battle of Springfield. The regiment was disbanded on January 1, 1781 at Pompton, New Jersey.” – Wikipedia

    My figure is kitbased from the SST Delaware Regiment. It’s a combination of SST, SOTW, Hasbro, Elite brigade and custom equipement and clothes. Weathering is with a combination of earth tone acrylics.

    A Short History of the Third New Jersey Regiment, the "Jersey Blues"

    The first organized militia regiment in the Western World was formed in 1673 at Piscataway, New Jersey. It later became part of the British Crown Provincial forces and was known as the "Jersey Blues" as their coats were blue with red lapels. The Third New Jersey Regiment was mustered during the American Revolution and has a claim to be part of the longest history of any U.S. military unit as the name, "Jersey Blues", continues today with elements of the New Jersey National Guard.

    The Third New Jersey Regiment was first established in March of 1776, under Colonel Elias Dayton of Elizabethtown, New Jersey who served with the earlier "Jersey Blues". Colonel Dayton and a majority of the officers came from Elizabethtown in East Jersey. Most of the rank and file troops were recruited in the southern and western counties.

    After passing muster as one of "the finest in the Continental American Army", the regiment was sent North to reinforce the ill-fated invasion of Canada. At Albany, the regiment was diverted to the Mohawk Valley to arrest Sir John Johnson. Later that year, the regiment constructed Fort Dayton at German Flats, rebuilt Fort Stanwix at Rome, New York, and wintered at Fort Ticonderoga.

    In the spring of 1777, the Third returned to Morristown, NJ. Since enlistments were for one year, the soldiers were discharged and the regiment was re-established. The "Jersey Blues" participated in the Battle of the Short Hills at Scotch Plains, NJ (June 26) and moved south to meet the British moving toward Philadelphia. The regiment saw heavy action at the battles of Brandywine (Sept. 11) and Germantown (Oct. 4) before wintering at Valley Forge.

    In 1778 General von Steuben and its Lt. Colonel, Francis Barber who was on Von Steuben's staff, trained the Regiment at Valley Forge. Following the French Alliance, the British decided to withdraw from Philadelphia to New York and the Third was dispatched to New Jersey to harass and impede the British. This culminated in the Battle of Monmouth at Freehold (June 28). At the end of the campaign season, the Third took up garrison duty around Elizabethtown.

    British-led Indian raids along the Western frontier spurred plans for an expedition in 1779 against the Iroquois. General Sullivan led the expedition and he requested the participation of the Jersey Brigade. Under General William (Scotch Willie) Maxwell, the Jerseys marched into the Finger Lakes region of New York and participated in the Battle of Newtown. In the fall of 1779, the Third went into winter quarters at Jockey Hollow, Morristown, NJ.

    In 1780 the Third New Jersey Regiment assumed defensive positions around Elizabethtown. They were the first to engage the British and Hessian invasions from Staten Island in June. The Regiment, joined by local militia and the rest of the Jersey Brigade, fought a delaying action at Connecticut Farms (Union, NJ). A few days later, on June 23, the Regiment was engaged again and fought valiantly as a leading element in the Battle of Springfield, NJ. Later that year the army was re-organized and New Jersey was to provide only two regiments instead of three. The men of the Third were incorporated into the First and Second Regiments.

    In 1781 Colonel Dayton was promoted to Brigadier General of the Jersey Brigade and Lt. Colonel Francis Barber took command on the New Jersey Light Infantry. The Jersey Brigade moved south to Virginia and participated in the siege and victory at Yorktown. This was not the end of their service. The Jersey Brigade returned to garrison duty in the Morristown-Elizabeth area in 1782.

    In 1783 the Jersey Brigade was at the New Windsor Cantonment in New York. With the declaration of peace, the veterans of the Third were discharged

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    sweet work guy

    its refreshing to see these out-of-the-ordinary no high speed full-auto type bashes
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    Very cool indeed!

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    Oh............................nice hat! Can I borrow him for my History Presentation on Daniel Shays? Very neat figure, great weathering!


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    Nice job CZ!
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    Good Old Rocky Top
    terrific figure!

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    Nice job

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    New Jersey
    As a former member of the 50th Armored Division "Jersey Blues" NJNG well done and thank you.

    Do you know what current NJNG unit claims the Lineage and Honors from the 3rd NJ?

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    Very impressive figure! You did a great job weathering with those acrylics too!!! (I have to learn weathering techniques.)


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    I think you deserve a medal for bringing the lesser known regiments of America's history to a wider audience.
    Anyone who has seen your website will agree that your contribution to America's historical identity is indeed vast.
    Thanks for being the first 'basher' I ever saw and for inspiring me.
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    That's damn nice, damn nice.

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    Well done CZ...good to see a Colonial Soldier.
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    Re: 3rd New Jersey, The Jersey Blues, 1781

    Being a proud citizen of New Jersey and a huge American Revolution fan, this figure is AWESOME!!!!

    I live down the road where the Jersey Blues were disbanded and there is just a little sign about the mutiny that took place in 1781. It a really a shame how New Jersey does not show off it's Revolution history at all. It's embarrassing how this state does not embrace their own history unlike other states that take pride in theirs.

    I just started the hobby, and after getting done with my first figure, I really want to get into the American Revolution. Your customs are so cool. As a am amateur historian on colonial and American revolution. I loved all your figures, I think you might want to take them outside and take some really cool pictures with the environment. An British or Native Americans soon?
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    Re: 3rd New Jersey, The Jersey Blues, 1781

    Very cool figure and thanks for the history too!!
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3rd New Jersey, The Jersey Blues, 1781
3rd New Jersey, The Jersey Blues, 1781
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