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Old 01-25-2006, 22:18
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173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches

Just to help out those that can't find the o.d.patches
Attached Thumbnails
173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-ds701bl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s721al.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s722al.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s714al.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-3003_70844.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-19753_lrg.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s516l.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-3003_70827.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-2065_e901t27sm.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-3003_70810.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-19755_lrg.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s702l.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s757bl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s721bl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s723bl.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s707al.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s739dl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s737l.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s738el.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s736l.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s738dl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s708bl.jpg  

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Old 01-26-2006, 14:37
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is that 18th Abn Corp patch from a different era? My brother was with them and I remember it being in a square, not a stuff, thx for posting.
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Old 01-26-2006, 20:16
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Hqpham,the 18th ABN. present day as the 82nd Div.&101st Div. fall under its command.The patch is square,not a diamond,its just the way i had it to place them together when I print them out.Here are some more patches.
Attached Thumbnails
173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-master-freefall-cloth.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-41bl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-41al.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-40al.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-s703al.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-55cl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-cl-132.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-3657.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-3656.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1532.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-0946.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1531.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-militarybest_1786_56476894.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-3003_70983.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-macvrecondo.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-82nd-20recondo.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-recondo-20101st.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-a1079.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-a1078.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1st_rager_01.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-2nd_ranger_01.jpg  
Attached Images
File Type: bmp rigger wings od.bmp (27.7 KB, 35 views)

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Old 10-26-2007, 00:23
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Hope this helps out anyone who needs them!
Attached Thumbnails
173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1st_rgrbn_old_small.gif  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1st_rgrbn_small.gif  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-2nd_rgrbn_old_small.gif  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-2nd_rgrbn_small.gif  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-3rd_ranger_01.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-ds721bl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-ds722bl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-ds723bl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-ds724cl.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-cb_1.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-product_thumbca26aj96.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-product_thumbca29dbo1.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-product_thumbcaulh2b0.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-product_thumbcavz34at.jpg  

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Old 10-26-2007, 19:32
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Kool set of patches...!! Have any ACU ones?
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Old 10-26-2007, 20:06
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Great! Thank you for posting them.
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Old 10-27-2007, 14:51
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More ACU Patches

Here you go Nighthawk,the first is 2ID,and the second is 3ID.
Attached Thumbnails
173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p133vacu.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p151vacu.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p101vacu.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p125vacu.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p143vacu.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p127vacu.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p145vacu.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p149vacu.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-25191_lrg.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p135vacu.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-10thmountainwithtab.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-1-p2035vacu.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-centcomblack.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-n_16971280_1686387.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-socomwithtab.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-p_36586713_1840023.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-p_23073620_1694145.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-p_755615_1838485.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-p_23680924_1725901.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-f1_1.jpg  

173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-8d_1_b.jpg  173th,101st,82nd,75th ,187th ,18th and tabs&patches-p_23082682_1561064.jpg  

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Thanks; the first one is the one I was looking for but I can use all of them.
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Old 11-06-2007, 16:11
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These are great references!

Thanks a lot!
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Have anyone tried print them then place them on your bashes? If so, Do you print it on regular printer paper or special fabric? Thanks.
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All you need is Inkjet printer and Fabric Printable paper that any craft store should carry. But look around for Arts and Craft stores.
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