I'm a longtime member of the Freakdom and this Community as well and have been out of the 1/6 & 1/4 scale game for a few years due to business & family commitments. This past month I've purchased more figures than ever before and have made the decision to scale back on other scale lines and figures going forward.

I purchased my first Enterbay Batman and am amazed at the detail and overall detail. I'd like to get a matching Heath Joker and see that both Hot Toys and Momtoys have their own offerings in addition to the Enterbay line.

What type of company is Momtoys? Are they a company comprised of designers that left EB or HT? Is the quality on par with with EB and HT? The images of their Joker look exactly like the EB, but theirs is roughly 30% of what it costs for the EB. I know as Collectors we are always critical of quality versus price point along with the moral issue of KO's/Bootlegs etc.

Thank you in advance for the information and input and forgive my ignorance on the differences here.

PS-It's nice to be back