It's hard to believe that it was 63 years ago today that aircraft from Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo's "Kido Butai" (Strike Force) roared in over Pearl Harbor, attacking the U.S. Pacific Fleet at anchor.
It was tactically a brilliant strike, but also a terrible miscalculation on the part of the Japanese government and military. The architect of the attack plan, Admiral Isoruko Yamamoto, recognized that the attack would bring terrible retribution to his homeland, that it woul probably not be "enough". He would pay with his own life in April 1943, shot down by P-38 Lightnings in a special operation to get him.

To some it seems like ancient history, but as a kid my buddies and I were told about 7 December in the same way 9/11 is spoken of. My dad was there, and went with the members of his construction outfit to try and help. He died some months before 9/11 happened.

So today I remember them all, my dad and all those at Pearl Harbor, on both sides. The politicians and commanders make the decisions, but it's the "ordinary" men and women who foot the bill. As Threetoughtrucks said in the thread about the NYFD soldier killed in Iraq, they "..deserved better out of life." Indeed they did.