Canadian collectors can now shop online from a Vancouver retailer for collectible toys, hobby supplies, games and more. With very few hobby shops left in a growing marketplace of technology and smartphones,
Ages Three And Up is hanging on to nostalgia and bringing back memories of childhood through collectible toys, hobbies, and games.

“We love that visitors come into the shop and say how much this reminds them of their childhood, and now their children are growing up with these toys,” says Boris Chow, Owner of Ages Three And Up since 2007. “These collectibles are more than just toys; they’re a conversational piece that brings people and families together, and that goes for board games and most of our products in store as well.”

With the launch of the Canadian store online, Chow strives to bring the small shop feel to customers across Canada by offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount.

“We’ve been serving North America for the past 10 years on our .com website as we have shipping centres in both Canada and the USA, but with the launch of our .ca website, it gives Canadian consumers a chance to purchase with confidence in Canadian dollars.”

Ages Three and Up has a rich history in serving the Transformers and Action Figures community with the brand itself being around for over 10 years at various retail locations in Vancouver, Canada. Visit the website at