Flat Rate Shipping

Urban Samurai Hobbies does its best to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. To do this they have provided flat rate shipping for North America. $7.95 will get any amount of items shipped in the US and $13.95 will get anything shipped in Canada. International customers can also enjoy flat rate shipping using USPS's small flat rate box. To find out more about our shipping policies and International Shipping please view their shipping FAQ.

Preorders Added This Week:

- DAM - NAVY SEAL Riverine Ops Rifleman Desert Camouflager Version
- ZC World Mens Holmms Vol008 Jim Gordon
- Art Figures Soldier of Fortune figure.
- Also added DID's Golgo 13 figure.
- Two new Phicen Medium Bust bodies have been added to preorder, one in Tan and the other Pale.

Items Arrived In Stock Not That Long Ago:

- ThreeA Supreme Nom
- Triad Abigail Van Helsing
- Triad Riza Miyamoto
- Triad Iris Branham
- Flirty Girl Space Battle Armor in White, Red, Grey and Gold.

Shipping Next Week:

- Super Alloy Batman by Jim Lee
- Hot Toys Bespin Luke
- Sideshow Star Wars Tuskin Raider
- Sideshow Star Wars Commander Neyo
- Sideshow Star Wars STAP with Battle Droid
- DAM Navy Seal Corpsman
- ThreeA Lady Sham Pure
- ZC World Mens Hommes Vol003 and Vol004

Shipping Shortly:

- Hot Toys DX Batman - Limited Shipment of these
- Hot Toys BatPod - Limited Shipment of these
- Hot Toys Avengers Hawkeye
- Hot Toys DX T-800