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Thread: The DASH Catalog Has Figures for Every Collector

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    The DASH Catalog Has Figures for Every Collector

    The following is a sponsored news post from a press release.

    Not every action figure collector has a specialty, and neither does Collector-ActionFigures. With over 40,000 different action figures in the DASH catalog, there’s a great figure for every type of collector to discover, track, or determine the action figure’s value. Even if you like Star Wars, Hot Toys, and G.I. Joe, you can maintain your entire collection in one convenient spot. There are 5095 Star Wars figures, 40 Hot Toys figures, and 2299 G.I. Joe figures, not to mention the hundreds of other brands encompassing thousands of figures.

    And it’s surprisingly satisfying adding each and every new figure in your collection to your digital collection on DASH. With just a click your collection is given another life. But for those collectors who couldn’t care less about tracking their toys, the Collector-ActionFigures Marketplace is a great new way to buy, sell, and trade action figures with other toy lovers. There are currently more than 12,000 figures listed for sale on the marketplace, meaning an expansive and varied collection is just one step away.

    You might not know it yet, but DASH is probably the only piece of your collection that’s missing. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been collecting, what you collect, or which figures you’re planning to get next. Collector-ActionFigures will still be the perfect place to manage and share your collection.

    And don’t forget that DASH is giving away six different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures to one lucky winner. All you have to do to enter is like DASH on Facebook or sign up on!
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The DASH Catalog Has Figures for Every Collector
The DASH Catalog Has Figures for Every Collector
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