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Old 10-02-2012, 15:25
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Hot Toys Tron: Legacy SAM FLYNN w/ LIGHT CYCLE

Arriving from the Grid two years after the release of TRON: LEGACY is Hot Toysí long awaited 1:6th scale SAM FLYNN WITH LIGHT CYCLE. The film divided critics but visually served its fans something that they would eagerly want more from. With Hot Toysí Kevin Flynn 1/6th scale figure last year, fans didnít know they would wait this long for a follow-up but Iím sure I speak for all that it was well worth it.

The 1/6th scale Sam Flynn is not your usual Hot Toys release as the figure isnít very poseable. The figure is pre-posed to saddle the included Light Cycle and to look awesome doing it. Weíll get into more about why they went this route a little later. The piece is currently sold out from Sideshowís website where it was priced at $299.99, but you might have some luck with the WAIT LIST.

Packaging for Sam Flynn with Light Cycle is a heavy duty box with handle, much like what youíd find when you purchase snowboarding boots. The front display shows off the side view of Sam on his light cycle with a light trail wrapping around the sides and back. Toy credits can also be found on the back of this elegant package. Once the box top is opened, youíll find the plastic trays containing Sam and black foam for his beloved Light Cycle within.

You will find two hand-painted portraits for Sam Flynn in this set, both are of Garrett Hedlundís portrayal of Sam Flynn but one with a helmet and one without. Iím having a bit of trouble seeing Garrettís likeness in the standard portrait but the one in the helmet looks great. For this piece, there actually isnít a need for the standard portrait since heíll always have the helmet when riding but itís always great to have options.

Also included is an extra left leg which can be swapped out to create the look of Sam in breaking position. Itís a nice way to change up the display if you decide to do this. Another bonus is an extra right hand that can hold his identity disc while riding, just like he did in the film.

There are two Identity Discs included with Sam. One to attach to his back and one that is ďlitĒ (or painted to be lit) for him to hold. And of course included is the 1/6th scale Light Cycle with LED lights and various opening flaps for the air-brakes and the like. Itís quite an impressive looking beast with amazing light up capabilities, including a light up panel.

Included already are button cell batteries for Sam Flynnís costume and helmet; not included are 3A batteries for the Light Cycle. Once everything is put in and working, itís an absolute stunning display piece. A switch is located on the helmet to illuminate the emblem on the top of the helmet as well as illuminate the inside of the helmet. The switch on Samís back will activate the glow in his costume. For the Lightcycle, the switch below the engine chamber allows two options: the first mode simply lights up the entire bike while the second option activates all the lights as well as activating the spinning engine. It makes quite a bit of noise but itís actually great since this is a cycle after all.

The lighting for this piece isnít as blue as I would want to see, but for photos you take, you can adjust it a bit to give the hue you prefer. But how else do I describe how cool Sam Flynn with Light Cycle is? The whole suit lights up along with the bike! Now we know why we didnít get a fully articulated Sam Flynn figure since it would actually prevent it from looking film accurate, but I would love for an actual poseable Sam Flynn (and Clu, and Quorra, and Rinzler, etc) at some point.

The price may seem a bit steep at $300, especially when getting a limited poseable figure, but honestly now, if you have a Light Cycle, you wouldnít want to display it without a rider now would you? Hot Toys has scored another winner and I hope the sales from this will influence them to continue with the rest of the cast.

Review and Photography by David Yeh

Review Smaple Courtesy of Hot Toys

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Old 10-02-2012, 15:55
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Re: Hot Toys Tron: Legacy SAM FLYNN w/ LIGHT CYCLE

why doesnt the inside of his helmet face plate light up? though im sure HT had their reasons for not doing so.
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Old 10-02-2012, 16:53
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Re: Hot Toys Tron: Legacy SAM FLYNN w/ LIGHT CYCLE

I don't know, for $300, I really would expect to have an articulated rider. It wouldn't be the first time (Ghostrider) Hot Toys made a bike and rider set with a fully articulated rider and bike for less than $300.
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Old 10-02-2012, 22:47
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Re: Hot Toys Tron: Legacy SAM FLYNN w/ LIGHT CYCLE

Is not worth $300.
When there's a will, there's a way!
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Old 10-02-2012, 23:48
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Cool Re: Hot Toys Tron: Legacy SAM FLYNN w/ LIGHT CYCLE

When I heard the rider wouldn't be posable I bailed quicker then in a burning building. The fat stupid price tag also didn't help. EASY hell no..
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Old 10-02-2012, 23:59
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Re: Hot Toys Tron: Legacy SAM FLYNN w/ LIGHT CYCLE

Originally Posted by JeffSaylor View Post
whoa, gangnam style!!

nice review anyway
HT Joker Bank Robber

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Old 11-13-2012, 11:50
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Re: Hot Toys Tron: Legacy SAM FLYNN w/ LIGHT CYCLE

Wow. Did anyone buy this figure? Looks like a big disappointment.
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