If you’re a fan of Capcom’s video game series Devil May Cry, it’s been a bit of an action figure dry spell since the series started over a decade ago. Considering the success of the critically-acclaimed, fan-favorite series, which has spawned 3 sequels and a remake, Devil May Cry lacks in licensed action figures and statues when compared to other games of similar popularity. In fact, there aren’t that many companies that have produced action figures based on Devil May Cry; Toycom released a number of mini-figures and a few 5” figures years ago, Kaiyodo released a 4” Revoltech Dante, and Square Enix released a couple of 8” Play Arts Kai figures, but other than these, there haven’t been too many action figures to add to one's shelf...

Thankfully, Asmus Toys came along a few years ago and rocked die-hard Devil May Cry fans with their 12” Devil May Cry 4 DANTE.

A small company releasing limited runs of fan-favorite characters like Ghostface from SCREAM, The Mask from the film of the same name, and the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi among others, Asmus Toys has continued to impress and push their boundaries as a small companies releasing 12” figures in today’s market.

Now, fans and collectors can pick up the company’s latest 12" figure: Devil May Cry 12" NERO. A Knight of The Order of the Sword, committed to worshiping Sparta and protecting the land from demons, NERO is comes ready for action with a unique outfit, hand sculpted and painted head, and his unique weapons: The Red Queen, the Blue Rose and the Devil Bringer.


Like the previously released DANTE, NERO features an eye-catching package with a thin graphic-covered cardboard sleeve around a heavier cardboard box. The front of the box features a full-size image of the figure as well as the name and the company’s logo. The back of the box features details regarding the design and creation of the figure as well as what’s included with the figure.

The interior of the box features an individually numbered graphic insert showing the number of the figure (out of 200). Under the paper insert, the figure and accessories are surrounded by a thick foam which protects each and ensures they stay in perfect condition until opened and displayed.


With head and hand sculpts by Andy Hsu of AD Artwork and a costume designed by KC Design, NERO comes looks good. It’s important to remember NERO, like the previously released DANTE, is a limited edition figure made by a small company and, as such, the head sculpt and hand sculpts aren’t the same style or material used by large-scale figure producers like Hot Toys or Sideshow.

The head sculpt and the hand sculpts are well done and features minute details. The game-accurate head sculpt is neither too realistic nor too cartoony and features sculpted white hair, a consistent flesh tone across the face and neck, and detailed flesh-tone lips and blue eyes (above). The left hand features the character’s rings as well as minute details like the veins and bracelet while the right hand and arm accurately capture NERO’s demonic Devil Bringer, which allows the warrior to possess superhuman strength and extend his reach.

The Devil Bringer is unique in that it’s cast from translucent blue plastic and featured red painted highlights. The entire arm is an accessory – of sorts – in that it attaches at the elbow to the standard 12” body. The arm includes a small removable plate on the inside under which batteries can be placed to allow the arm and hand to light up using a small push-button switch. This light up feature is accurate to the game when NERO uses the Devil Bringer to battle enemies. A cool feature that could have easily been left out, Asmus Toys does a great job in providing some uniqueness with this particular feature. Likewise, the Devil Bringer includes two interchangeable hands – one open palm and one closed fist.


Besides the previously mentioned Devil Bringer, the NERO figure also includes the character’s two signature weapons: his customized Durandal sword, The Red Queen, and his double-barreled revolver pistol, The Blue Rose. Both weapons are cast in durable PVC and screen accurate, down to the insignia on the blade and the design of the pistol’s barrels. While the pistol does not feature an opening cylinder, The Red Queen does feature a flexible grip, allowing the figure to hold it as he would in the game.

Besides these weapons, the figure also includes a green grass diorama base and separate seed/pod diorama piece to provide a setting for your figure on the shelf (above). Similar to the base and parts which were also included with the previously released DANTE figure, these provide a great bonus for fans looking to make an entire shelf display.


NERO wears a completely different outfit than other knights of The Order of the Sword. Accurately re-created here in 1/6th scale by KC Design, the NERO figure includes one blue coat with red lining and red insignia, one fully-stitched hooded vest with functional zipper, one pair of stylized jeans, one black sleeveless shirt, and one pair of cast vinyl brown boots with leather detailing. The figure also includes minor clothing details like the black leather belt with silver belt buckle and brown thigh-length leg covers.


At $125.00, the Asmus Toys’ NERO 12” figure seems reasonably priced for die-hard collectors of 1/6th video game figures and Devil May Cry 4 fans in particular. Casual fans who like the design or the character might also enjoy the figure, though many may be scared off due to the cost. One must also consider the difference in quality between this piece and a Sideshow or Hot Toys figure, which is obviously mass produced. Again, when purchasing this figure, it’s important to remember there are a total of 200 in the production run and it’s being made by a small company.

Overall, considering the figure features a good, game-accurate sculpt with solid paint applications, unique clothing that’s available nowhere else, a number of impressive accessories, a cool light-up arm, and two separate diorama bases, the Asmus Toys’ 12” Devil May Cry 4 NERO figure will make for a great figure display piece for any dedicated Devil May Cry fan.

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- photos and review by Jess C. Horsley
- Sample courtesy of Asmus Toys/AD Artwork