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Thread: Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry

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    Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry


    With over eight different sixth scale Iron Man collectible figures under their belt, Hot Toys shows no indication of slowing down the production line on Tony Stark's high tech creations. With the new Avengers Mark VII scheduled to release in 2013 and a Mark I 2.0 coming next month, collectors will definitely be able to recreate their very own "Hall of Armors," but how does Stark get in and out of all those armored suits? Well, the folks at Hot Toys have got you covered there as well with their latest release of the Suit-Up Gantry. Today, we take an in-depth look at this fantastic diorama display piece for your reading and viewing pleasure.

    The regular version of the Suit-Up Gantry, sans the bonus Iron Man figure, comes packaged in an oversized charcoal-colored box. The multiple parts that make up the diorama are housed between multiple layers of plastic trays sandwiched together for protection. The outside of the box features technical schematic designs of the gantry in metallic silver similar to the Mech Test Tony Stark figure from a few years back. In comparison to other Hot Toys collectibles, the packaging for the gantry has a very simple design, but what’s inside is a whole other story.

    The gantry consists of nine separate pieces that - despite looking intimidating to build - are easily assembled to complete the one-of-a-kind moving diorama. The hydraulic arms and holders attach into the main base via multiple strategically-placed peg holes. The symbols on the gantry platform are made up of several magnets of varying size that attach to each movable panel and are double-sided. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.

    The details on the various mechanical components of the gantry are incredibly life-like and movie-accurate. The main hydraulic arms and suspension legs have black wiring that wraps around giving the diorama a more realistic, technical look. While the color scheme of the gantry mainly consists of solid yellow and black with some metallic silver accents, the paint application is very clean all around and looks great.

    Although it is a diorama piece, the Suit-Up Gantry features an enormous amount of moveable parts which allow collectors endless choices for display. The two main arms on the gantry feature three hinge joints, two swivel joints and telescoping cylinders on both arm bracers.

    The back hydraulic arm features a total of nine individual articulated joints and 15 individual joints on the mechanical claw that attaches the helmet alone. Overall, this sixth-scale replica of the gantry sports an impressive 80 + articulation points and even has a light up feature to boot.

    With every new Iron Man collectible, Hot Toys' manages to impress and surprise us at the same time. Their latest release, the movie-accurate sixth scale replica of the Suit-Up Gantry, is no exception to the rule. While some collectors may prefer to save their money for another Iron Man figure, this amazing diorama provides a great setting for a Tony Stark workshop or Stark Expo display. The Suit-Up Gantry will significantly enhance anyone’s Iron Man collection and is worth picking up if you can afford it. Personally I intend to display the Suit-Up Gantry with my "Hall of Armors" in the background.

    Surprisingly, this diorama features no metal parts, a shame since it would have been a nice touch, especially considering it's hefty price tag. Regardless of that one critique, the gantry truly is a work of art. The engineering on it simply needs to be seen in person to appreciate how awesome it is. For those who do not yet own an Iron Man Mark IV sixth scale figure, the Deluxe Suit-Up Gantry with included figure will definitely provide more bang for your buck. The Suit-Up Gantry is available by itself for $360 or $500 for the deluxe. The deluxe version also includes a Stark Expo backdrop, the extinguisher robot from the Mech Test release and an exclusive version of the Mark IV with a magnetic removable chest plate that attaches to the front hydraulic arm of the gantry. Which ever version you choose, your Iron Man display will thank you for it.


    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Re: Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry

    Hello All, Excellent Review, thank you
    I just would like to ask, does anybody know how to assemble the suit up gantry stark expo background ? having a hard time getting the top folded correctly and there are no instructions on how to assemble this, the bottom part is easy, but the top is difficult.
    sorry to be a noob, but i have searched everywhere to find out how to and i can't seem to find any info on this, can anyone help ? thank you for a great on-line forum and best wishes to all on this site Thank you

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    Re: Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry

    huge stuff, wonderful collection

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    Re: Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry

    Great pics and review. Too bad I slept badly on this for retail.

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    Re: Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry

    This aint gonna be cheap.

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Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry
Hot Toys Iron Man Suit-Up Gantry
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